364. Showreel Work

As part of my website revamp and personal branding overhaul, Im updating my showreel to include the best projects and most cinematographic footage I’ve worked on/shot over the past year or two.

I want to consider the elements i’m going to include into my showreel, and the inspiration for my own shooting/editing style. Below are two incredible videos I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from over the past 3 years.

Sebastian has a beautiful style, I follow him on all social media FB/Tw/Instgrm, as I adore his use of vivid colours and the contrast between wide/close-ups whilst retaining the essence of the shots through the colour. His combination with music as well that creates a video you are hooked with and feels empowering, the music really credits the footage and I feel that this has been something I’ve always thought strongly about, the music matters the most, and people love colours,.

Move, Eat, Learn. A series of 3 videos that are equally different and have significant recognisable styles. These are the 3 videos I feel that have inspired me the most, in the way I film and the way I edit, these 3 are the epitome of inspiration for my work. The punchy style that instantly hooks you in, the slick rapid paced editing and the catchy cute music that wraps it all together. These 3 videos have elements that are easy to recognise in my own work, with the rapid pacing and an attempt at creating a unique style that reflects my work.

The first showreel I edited together late in October, and I feel it reflects well on my editing style, which is punchy and rapid paced with a focus on rhythmic editing. Despite this, I feel that the showreel doesn’t display the best of my ability as I rushed it together for a project and it’s missing some footage, whilst others used in there isn’t the best quality.

The above is my 2014 showreel, which is a lot more polished, retains the elements I enjoyed from the original, however features newer footage and better quality clips than the original, enabling it to be uploaded in HD.

I feel that the showreel displays the diversability of my skills, both as a camera op and an editor, that I have experience with a plethora of different productions and a good eye/ear for creating a punchy edit that blends well together.

Developing on this in the future, I want to expand my showreel more with better footage, more recognisable work or indeed better work. Some shots in there such as the singer of Black Sabbath are iconic, and other’s such as the GoPro or aerial shots make it stand out, and I want to collate more together similar to this to give my showreel the edge of typical amateur or student created work. I feel there is a true variability in the clips to show the extend of my skills, with a range of cameras and techniques, and a range of different shoots.

I hope to use the showreel to display myself more, as the showreel will be the center piece of the website I’m currently editing to display all my talents. I feel the showreel will work well when balanced with a portfolio page which expresses every single one of my skills, roles and projects i’m credited with or have worked upon. In the next few months, there are projects coming up inside University such as Varsity/Elections and im hopefully going to Udine again, so I can potentially get some really nice looking shots that are different and will improve the quality of the reel. Aside from the shots, Its these events that will give me credits as leading the production crew or working as press at film festivals so I can add them onto my credentials.


vimeo com/51986221

vimeo com/76551355

vimeo com/47189359




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