FMP. Research 2. Wes Anderson

One of the Director’s who I take a lot of influence from for my short film is Wes Anderson. He is a solid director with a competent recurring style throughout his filmography, and lots of noticeable directing quirks that solidify a film as ‘his’ when you watch it.

The two images I’ve chosen encapsulate what I like about Anderson the most, bright vivid garish colours in every frame, a great eye for shot composition with every shot being picturesque and beautiful, not just one or two great shots interspersed throughout scenes of okay shots. This creates a unique surrealist style, a quirky comedic style which prompts laughter through the banality of movements and the composition of a frame, how the actors position themselves in the mise en scene, and then the smaller elements such as the colours and props are thought to the minute detail to reflect and extenuate this, creating greater effect through every single detail being considered.

Pierrot Le Fou (Jean-Luc Godard, 1965) is a film I take a lot of inspiration from, Godard having a similar shooting style to Anderson. A big influence is the banal use of landscapes and the everyday style of characters, how they relax and just ‘do’ actions, actually living in the film instead of merely existing as actors. Other films such as The Graduate (1967, Mike Nichols) have inspired my script and film, similar to Wes Anderson as the plot jumps and jars dramatically from emotional and tense one moment to absurdist comedy in the next, rapid firing through genres and styles in the space of a minute, this is another technique I want to utilise in my film and incorporate into the script.

So what exactly do I want to take from this into my script and film? It’s a sense of creating a product that stands out, is unique and has an identity. If I am taking inspiration from someone else then there is no uniqueness in the method, however I want to attempt the replication of techniques such as whip pans and jump zooms to give the film a different aesthetic feel when watching. I want to make it absurdly realistic, a hyper real life with comedic elements. The audience WON’T get it, or perhaps the University audience, but they aren’t my targets! My targets are people who enjoy surreal cult films, with the possibility to laugh, and I hope to reach that.




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