FMP. Research. Edgar Wright

The style of Edgar Wright is something I would love to attempt with my film, as it has an almost surreal stylistic feel in a film that stands out and defines a film as a ‘Wright’ film. With his crash zooms and whip pans to transition between shots and a focus on mid shots and wide angles to differentiate actors from the scenery.

The main focus of Wright and his work I want to incorporate into ‘Hello Jason’ is the transition between shots, the definite whip pan to cut between scenes and create a more frantic pace in the action. I also want to take the ‘feel’ of his wide shots of actors and incorporate that with the look of Wes Anderson and Bob Yeoman, their combination of shots at 40mm & 27mm to create an anamorphic widescreen feel so shots are overtly panoramic and have a cinematic feel.

I feel that some of these elements I can incorporate really well into my film, as the panoramic widescreen feel will look good cinematically with the landscape in Whitstable, the beautiful long beaches, the seafront of the pier and the hillsides close by, with the actors dwarfed in the foreground by the overbearing landscape.


http://youtube com/watch?v=-vvipOc5Us0


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