FMP. Research. Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a comedic actor who’s bleak, stark style is often absurdist, to the point and absolutely brilliant, and something I would live to incorporate into Hello Jason. Shooting a black comedy, I have a real vivid image in my head of quirky actors and surrealist sentences.

A Steve Martin film is something from a time when comedy was more subtle, more about actions or a simple look than being crude or banter between two characters. The comedy itself is absurdist “it’s not subdural, it’s epidural!” but ultimately so bizarre that it prominently stands out and makes the film quirky, unique and rememberable. It’s styles like this I want to incorporate into Hello Jason, a bizarrist black comedy that stands out because the actors themselves bounce off each other, and the scenarios they relate in are over the top or absurd.

Films such as The Man With Two Brains, The Three Amigos or Planes, Trains and Automobiles are what I grew up with, and its the unique comedy style of acting that I want to incorporate into Hello Jason, where a sentence can throw the audience completely because it is so ‘out there’ (such as having a medical conversation with a 4year old) but it is pulled off, makes sense and is funny. I can see Jason reacting in situations like this whilst leading the Woman in Black in a merry dance to avoid his death, telling absurdist stories about the death of other family members, going on adventures in Whitstable and dragging her around the shops for bizarre reasons such as buying a jar of silver pickles or needing ice cream for his pet hedgehog.


youtube com/watch?v=3r4rS0yzQ1M


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