FMP. First script outline

I’ve finished writing up the first outline of my FMP script, it is a ‘black dramady’ (black comedy/drama) focused around a young man, Jason, who is attempting to escape from a family curse after his brother’s death, and the eventual acceptance that he can’t outrun destiny so instead confronts it head on.


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The first document is my initial basic research, and contains a brief outline of the overall plot of the film, alongside some links to locations I like and music I think will fit. I also attempted to write some of the ‘comedy’ parts by dropping some dialogue in.

In the second document, I expanded this by fleshing the outline into a basic treatment, with expansion on the characters and their motives, whilst detailing the plot more and expanding on ideas in the original outline. There is no ending yet, as I wrote this whilst on the train and the journey ended too soon, however I am expanding on the ending currently to add into it.

I feel this film is going to follow a very basic progressive narrative of 3 arcs, with a set start, middle and end to the film. It will be linear and feature some elements of flashbacks, however the main body of the film will be progressively linear as that suits the story the best, to allow the audience the chance to watch the plot expand at the same pace as Jason does.

Do I feel this will work? I hope so. I am trying to write the treatment so it features as minimal characters as possible, as I don’t want to work with too many actors. The only scenes where I need a lot of actors are the preliminary funeral shots, for these I was thinking of contacting local theatre or acting groups at the location I’m shooting to see if anybody is free and would like to be a background funeral actor for the day, or part of the day. Does it also need to be near a beach? Possibly not, as travel will be a problem with crew/kit, so I need to take these aspects into consideration. So already I have outlined two problems here, managing my amount of actors in the short, and location accessibility due to lack of travel via the crew. Cars is the easiest option, however I need to find people who can both crew & drive, as I do not yet hold a license.


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