FMP. Jurassic Park.

The first film I ever remember watching was Jurassic Park. I won’t go into the backstory, but it’s my favourite film. It’s a film I repeatedly watch almost weekly, every time it or a sequel is on iTV I stop channel surfing and watch. It’s a film I’ve probably watched more times since 93′ than the cumulative amount of places I’ve ever visited.

I know I’m not making a film about dinosaurs, or making a PG film for children (a very real line from my script is “fuck you plant pot”), but it’s the elements of JP and Spielberg that I love, that I want to take and add into my film.

The first time you get the Spielberg face from Sam Neil as a Brachiosaur walks across the shot, and it looks like a real dinosaur with the soundtrack crashing to crescendo and the large vistas panning away to reveal more dinosaurs. Its this sense of wonder and believe that I want to encapsulate and breathe into my film.

How exactly? Obviously the soundtrack plays a factor, evoking that emotion in the audience to deepen their connection with the film. It’s the way the shot is setup, with the landscape, the characters all in specific positions to create that sense of depth and scale. Why have words, when there is nothing to say, let the shot do the talking. These are the core elements I want to take from my favourite film.

At the end of The Brother Code, there is one shot (hopefully on a beach at sunset or a hill overlooking the sea) where Jason is in a massive cloud of..***, and it’s all raining down around him. I can visualise it, with both characters laughing and leaping through this gently descending cloud whilst the soundtrack plays in the background, the exposition dump and the reveal was shown minutes previously on the journey/run to that location, and this is the new equilibrium, the ending of the film as the characters come to a realisation of themselves and the script settles towards an ending.

It’s that sense of wonder and the slight smile that creeps onto the viewer’s face because of that, the joy that the characters narrative is resolved and you’re now basking in the ending. I want to capture that, and that is influenced solely by Spielberg.




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