FMP. Budgetting

For any film, there needs to be a budget. From the princely price of 1 sandwich to the high range of billions of dollars. For my short film, I’m going to spend a relatively decent amount on it, more than I have on any other production before, as I want to create a stunning product, both to get a decent grade and also as a good representation of my own skills and work.

This budget is going to go towards a variety of things. Hiring a location, paying actors, hiring equipment, paying travel fees, food, extras, ect. The budget is going to be entirely self funded, out of the government loan i’ve saved up the past 3 years. So the film is going to be government funded, thats nice!

As a breakdown, i’ve set aside between £1000 – £2000 for the budget of the film.

£273. 1 week location. Both to film & accomodation

£200. Transport/Fuel

£150. Catering costs

£100-200. Props. An urn, picnic basket, ring & box.

£100. Costume

£50. Insurance

£200. Potential actor payment

£500. Petty/excess/back-up cash.

£100-£200. Festival Entry Fees

Total. £1473

The max total is roughly around £1500 for my film. I’ve also been mentioned by a friend that I can rent some Zeiss Cine lenses off him for £500, whilst I think this will add to the film overall, I feel it might be a bit of a waste of money for a minor short production.

Equipment has not been included on this list as it will be rented from the loan shop, however a potential ‘equipment rental charge’ would cost upwards of £10,000. Not only because of the multiple cameras being used, 1 FS700 & 2 5Ds, but also the excess kit such as lenses, lighting and audio is also expensive.

I have decided not to attempt crowdfunding for this film, as this time last year myself and two friends attempted to crowdfund our berlin documentary. Overall the crowdfunding campaign raised 1/4 of the total amount needed, so it wasn’t successful. Learning from this, I feel that the time and effort put into crowdfunding my FMP could be spent elsewhere either looking at raising grants, getting local sponsorship, or even doing my own freelance work (as a model photographer) to raise and levy the costs of the production.

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 15.32.33


This experience of prior crowdfunding has taught me that if you want to do something, you need to either do it yourself, or change your idea so other people like it and will pay. I don’t want to change my idea, as I have several times in the development process, and the money is already put aside as that has been my dedicated goal since I came to University, to save up the loan and spend it on something worthwhile.

Overall the budget for my film if shot outside of University would probably cost in the region of £11,500.


Location estimate taken from


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