FMP. Budget Proposal. V2

Here I have drafted up the expenses for the production of The Brother Code, utilising the production rate hire sheet that Karen put on Moodle. On the budget below is my initial outline, including a draft price for what I expect everything to cost, and how much my budget is, £2000.

Detailed below that on the next two pages are an estimated budget for my production if I shot it outside of University in a professional environment, and covered both the cost of hiring all the equipment and paying the crew/actors. The actors rate was not included on the rate card so I have given by the national minimum wage outline.

Total Equipment Hire for 1 week is £5502.

Total Crew Hire for the production is £28617.18

Total Crew + Equipment Hire = 34119.18

Total Cost is estimated around £36,000

The total cost would include all the details outlined over all 3 pages. Crew hire, equipment hire, insurance, location, transport, catering, props, costume and a petty cash fund.

Even though I have used the ‘rate card’ included on Moodle, I feel that the estimated day hire for crew/equipment is vastly off target for a short film production.. The crew hire is exponentially high, whilst the equipment hire is too low, such as £674 per day for an Editor is too much compared to knowing my friend Ricky edited a feature and his rate was £115 a day as Senior Editor. Despite this, I have still used this rates to create a projected estimate at the ‘real’ production costs of The Brother Code




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