FMP. Plagiarism

So I’ve got my next stumbling block, after the locations fell through, as this morning I was contacted about plagiarising someone else’s work. I won’t go into the details online, however the short description is that I was accused of plagiarising an idea after the offended party had only read a 3 line brief description of my film.

If I was going to suggest “A wealthy nation invades a land and attacks the natives” you may think Pocahontas, or… Avatar? or…. let’s just go with the whole list (

My point being, it’s easy to summarise the base components of my film in 3 lines. ‘one brother reconnecting with another through death’. That’s the official summary I was accused of plagiarising, but it’s more like ‘One brother tries to reconcile with his dead brother using an urn as a substitute for his emotions, and they go off to have macabre and joyous adventures to reconnect, and the ex-girlfriend occasionally makes an appearance’.

Perhaps I should mention Charlie St.Cloud? A film that has two brothers, one of them is dead, the other alive and they go off to have adventurous fun to connect with one another. “Wait a second Andrew, isn’t that what you wrote above?”, and I would reply yes, it sort of is. My argument being, your film exists already, my film exists already. Everybody has a sibling so it’s not too hard to include the idea of that into a script.

Now i’ve gone off track here trying to make my point. An idea (technically) isn’t copyright, a piece of work however can be. My original idea came from a film called ‘Ten Thousand Days’ and elements of that can be seen in my first draft (which is on this blog), with the family curse and the back history of family portraits. Indeed since then my idea has changed and grown, also can be seen in the documents I’ve uploaded.

To provide a fix for this if there is any hassle, I’ve uploaded my last updated script outline. Its not the most recent, as that has the last scenes wrote out, however the one below contains most of the dialogue, actions and the full film plot included. Feel free to read through it and see if I have copied an idea, or if I have plagiarised. Indeed, I hope my honesty by saying which film I copied ‘this’ idea from and having uploaded all of my production documents provides enough evidence to show that this was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.



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