364. Relaunched Website!


As part of my professional rebranding and changing media identity, i’ve been updating my website and making it more professional, cleaner, informational and easier to use. I’m glad to say that it’s now launched online!


Aside from the fact it was really cheap to purchase a new domain and hosting for the year, I’m rather surprised to have been able to buy the actual domain name I wanted ‘andrewdaley’ without having to add numbers/letters/punctuation like when making a new twitter account, and the ability to get the always used and popular .com is shocking, as this means my website will be the first people see when typing in my name online, compared to the other variations of Andrew Daley in the world and online sites. Despite being shockingly available, I feel this will make me look more professional by having a clea and easily accessible/recognisable website URL, and will improve my audience reach by being easy to access.

Originally my website was poor, unaccessible and aesthetically disgusting. Half of the links didn’t work, which isn’t good for a site which displays my videos and professional work. The colours clashed and it was poor to look at, whilst the images were old or not relevant and didn’t display a good insight into myself or the information on my website. The pages themselves weren’t useful such as the photography gallery had no point aside from padding, and the video page had broken links, whilst the information both in the contact/about us page was out of date and didn’t work, as since then I have changed email address twice, and the page references ‘Udine 2012’, so it’s easy to see that it hasn’t been updated in awhile and is useless.

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.45.43

For some reason, the images of my site have been squashed sideways.
Click on them for a better view full resolution.

The site itself has been completely updated, the front page now plain and showcases my newly updated showreel and name branding, with social media links at the bottom for people who wish to find out more information or get involved with following me and my work online. The branding and social media tags are also enabled on every page to create a clean, stylish look for the site.

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.45.48

I have uploaded some pictures of me working professionally during camera shoots, so people who view the site can get an idea for who I am and how I work whilst on set. The about me section contains a brief overview of who I am, what I have previously worked on and my history of the film/tv industry, with some jokes interspersed to get a sense of myself over in the site, and allow any potential viewers to relate more through me and get a personal insight into who I am. All the information on there is completely true, my first film was banned by my headteacher to not be shown in the whole of Coventry when I was 16 as it featured teachers being ‘killed’ and bullies taking over the school, with it turning into a totalitarian state, the film was 49 minutes long. I thought this would be an amusing fact to include.

My contact page is pretty brief and has a few details of what work I can provide, and how people can either contact me through email or get involved through my social media facebook/twitter channels. I also put an amusing photo in there from when I DJ’d a few months back, as that is referenced in the Bio as a partial joke, as I have found myself being hired out more as a DJ nowadays, completely unrelated fact but hopefully it will raise a smile and make me stand out as being ‘different’.

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.45.53

I feel that the website at the moment is only on the cusp of what it could be, I need to add another page with my work credentials on there, who I have worked for and the projects I have been involved in, to show off my skills and media credentials. Potentially on that page I can also include a brief 1-2line reference of quote from people I have worked with about my work or myself.

I feel that the website will progress as I evolve professionally, growing over the next few months with more content and views, hopefully with some work to come from it. However at the moment I’m just glad to have it finally online to be able to use with emails/business cards and other interactions, to allow people to find out more about me and display myself in a professional capacity.


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