361. Concept Art Draft 1

As stated in 360, I’ve requested a friend to help me with creating some concept art. After the phone pictures he uploaded for my previously, I’ve now received the proper scans and finished draft art pieces which I’m uploading here.

I’ve also requested him to draft me some more, I’m going to draw my own art designs of imagery I have or shots for certain scenes and request him to then draw these out in a better style, and I’ll do the same with storyboards, drawing my own then ask him to redraw them for me. These will hopefully be delivered for March, with other draft designs for concept posters/flyers/promotional material ready for April/May, with which I can bring my Graphic Designer on board to flesh these out into finished work. I feel there is some real imagery in my script which will create some brilliant finished content and stylistic shots in the film.


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