364. BBC Production Talent Pool

My main aim for this module is to improve myself both creatively and professionally, then target this directly at getting a job in Broadcast Television, as a runner or assistant or tea-boy, I really don’t mind.

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.14.44

The one thing I have been anticipating for well over a year is the reopening of the BBC PTP, and I’ve finally found out it opens in early March. My friend Calum got accepted on the trainee scheme last year, and I’ve had some advice off him about similar things I can do to improve my application. The BBC is the one academy I’ve always wanted to work at and for, ever since I was young it always seemed to be this esteemed pillar that my dad loved and taught me about, they always are ahead of the game in technology and creating stellar program that people love globally. It’s a home name brand with instantly recognisable content, shows, names and faces, where in the digital age then the BBC are pioneering that at the forefront of the visual media audience, and I want to be a part of that. It’s a place where the bar is always raised, people are constantly aiming to create things they love and for other people to love and enjoy.

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To get onto the PTP, I’ve been trying to improve my CV and find ways of making myself more employable, through running the student media for coventry university, working as an editor for a broadcast company (Super 16 Films), and hopefully attending one of the BBC’s Get In events, to show that im crazy about the company and want to work for them by finding out more about the jobs and the roles they offer, what I can give them and what requirements are needed.

Just like C4, I was sitting around waiting for 3 hours yesterday for the BBC Birmingham session to go online and to book, and had everything ready to apply soon as it was launched online at 3pm. I applied for the BBC Birmingham Get In event when that opened, I’ve got a ticket for the 3hr training session at the Mailbox in February 3rd, and I’m really looking forward to it and learning new information, and hopefully finding out what I directly need to do in order to apply for the PTP

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.09.52

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.15.06

From this, I hope to use the Get In event to find out more about the Production Talent Pool, the jobs on offer and the application requirements, and then proceed from this to applying for jobs and hopefully working in the broadcast industry in the future. Much like the C4 event, I want to talk to the lecturers who have worked in the industry such as Mez and Karen to find out more about the requirements and what ideally I should know or be doing to make myself most employable and to get into that company, no matter what.

I feel that this is the main objective for me personally of 364, getting the job that I want at the end of university, and ensuring I have the skills, knowledge and capability to do it. The BBC PTP is what I want more than anything, to progress from the PTP into the Production Trainee Scheme and work around the company on different productions, and thats what I’m aiming all my 364 work towards specifically to ensure I am prepared for applying.

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