364. C4 Experience

As one of my outlined Professional Practise roles, I eventually want to work in Broadcast Television, hopefully for one of the big UK broadcast companies.

To achieve this, I’m looking into C4, BBC and ITV to attend their training days early this year so I am ready for when their graduate schemes open later in the year. I hope that not only will I get more information about the graduate schemes and what they entail, but also that attending the training days will make me look keen and excited when/if I get interviews for potential employers, that I want to be involved, which I do!

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.08.25

The first one I’m looking at is Channel 4. To get onto their graduate scheme, I need to have attended a 4Talent training day, and im stupidly lucky as there is one coming up at Henley College in Coventry. I have applied for this 4Talent day and hope to hear back soon, hopefully positively, so I can attend and find out more about the jobs in the industry, what the company are looking for, hopefully get more training, and find out what is required for when I apply.

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Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.09.00

I applied straight away when the tweet came online on wednesday evening, I have all the trainee schemes set up for notifications on my phone, I hope to hear back soon and hopefully will get to attend the training day on the 17th. I have a student union meeting on that day, however I can easily put that off for a few days if accepted as this is much more important to me and my future employment.

Looking to the future, the C4 Graduate scheme opens in May for people who have been accepted onto a 4Talent training day, so my plan is to first get onto a 4Talent training day, then hopefully apply for the scheme in May when I graduate. Karen keeps posting about it on the Professional Experience Facebook Page, and I also have notifications set up about it to my phone so I find out instantly information, however to get myself prepared I might research more online about whats required to apply, what people get out of the scheme directly, and I might have a chat with Karen more about this and the BBC PTP as she has worked in Broadcast Television so would be able to help give me more concise information.

Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.10.57 Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 17.10.55



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