364. Get In day.

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Last monday I attended the ‘Get In’ day at BBC Birmingham, and it was absolutely incredible. I found out a lot more information about the production trainee scheme and production talent pool, met a lot of other talented individuals and found out more about their work, why they want to get onto the scheme, and also introduced myself to the scheme organisers (and got some new followers on twitter for some polite thankyou’s.. feels a bit taunting to have BBC people following me on twitter).

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Follows me? Wow!

I dont want to put up all the notes and information I got on the day on here, as I don’t feel it’s exactly fair for me to make the effort of going/applying and getting in, ect and then for all my course mates who follow this wordpress blog to just reap the benefit by reading this. I did however record some of the talk and have posted the link below, that’s all you’re getting, the private info/details are being kept with me.

Needless to say, the PTS and PTP opens soon and I’m preparing myself for applications whilst working on my FMP and other modules. It’s going to be a rush to get the form submitted before going off for my shoot, however I’m confident that I can fill it in competantly. I’ve been working towards this application process for the past 9 months, so most of this 364 module is structured around myself applying for this job and attempting to break into the broadcast industry as a researcher or tea boy or something.

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Whilst waiting for applications to open, I have been savvying up on what exactly I should be prepared with, and getting information from applicants in the past. I’ve sent some emails to friends who applied previously and they’ve sent information back. I’ve updated my careers profile on the BBC Hub with all my relevant info, contacted this year’s trainees to ask for advice and started thinking of potential answers for questions on the application.

This is only part one of my ‘plan’, as there are other scheme I want to apply for and training days I’d like to attend. I probably won’t get onto them, however it’s the actual application and the process of attending training that I want to go through to experience something new and different I haven’t before at University. It’s this challenge of actually presenting myself as someone employable and jumping into the unknown of finding work in the industry that I want, which is both terrifying and refreshing. I feel that I’m learning from this a lot, it’s probably the most informational part of the module and the bit I’ll remember and grow from.

mixcloud com/andrewdaley399/production-scheme-day/


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