364. 4Talent Day

Yesterday I attended the Coventry session of the 4Talent training days. It was informative and great to be a part of, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to both attend and get some more experience for my professional portfolio.


The day was incredibly long, and there was roughly 100 people there. The format followed a range of discussions as a large group in the morning, finding out more about ‘the media industry’ in general, and then we split off into workshops. There were only 3 (Journalism, Branding Yourself and Documentary making) so I joined Documentary. It was an interesting workshop ran by a guy called Rad who run’s his own documentary business, and I got a chance to discuss with him for awhile about shooting in the industry and how to sell what you make, which will be helpful in the future with a few projects I’m working on at the moment.

I feel the information gained from the day overall is stuff I knew before. Most of the information that the 4Talent staff imparted was information I’ve already researched about the company or the industry, and the workshop was rather basic (I sort of helped teach at one point) however I recognise with a vast range of ages in the room (16-35) that the information had to be generic and general to cover everyone who was attending. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 13.32.35

Despite that, I feel it was an incredibly useful day as I networked with a lot of professionals and the C4 staff. I ran out of business cards and got a lot in return, lots of people wanted to look at my stuff after I told them what I’d worked on, and some of the C4 staff gave me some pointers on applying for their upcoming Graduate Scheme, which was the reason I mainly attended the day for. To apply for a C4 job, you need to have attended a C4 talent day, so whilst the information imparted on the day may not have been entirely useful for me personally, its what the day will bring in the future from attending and meeting other people is the most exciting and useful part. When applications open in April I’m going to apply for both the traineeship and the graduate scheme, as I now can after attending the training day.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 13.32.51 

I feel that attending days like this are important for my own personal and professional development as a media practitioner. After talking with a BBC Presenter and the 4Talent staff, they were advising me on ways to apply for jobs and become more affable in the application/selection process, so I learnt more information from this. Attending the day itself means I can apply for specific C4 jobs in the future compared to other people who aren’t able. I’m also able to put it on my CV and shown I’m keen in attending broadcast training days, after BBC and C4 now, which will make me stand out.

I also feel that I met a range of talented individuals yesterday I’d like to remain contacts with in the future, and the social media following for my current work-profile increased a lot yesterday as C4 kept retweeting my stuff as I was taking photos. This is all contributing to increasing my overall profile and national reach with a larger online following, and more people viewing my portfolio.


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