361. FMP Shoot. Part 1

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The past two days we have spent shooting The Brother Code, and it’s been a bit of a ride!

After a long time packing and getting ready to leave on Monday, it took us about 4 hours to drive down to Thurlestone and get settled in. We shot the first scenes on Monday night, all the night scenes, which went really well! Despite the fact that the audio recorder had been forgotten to be turned on during the first 3 scenes, so we had to reshoot those on tuesday night…

Tuesday we spent covering the majority of the exposition of The Brother Code, so all the dialogue and long scenes on the balcony were shot on then. I feel they went really well, even though it was overcast all day and we didn’t really get many beautiful looking shots, however spending all day shooting the dialogue meant there was plenty of time to set around and improv on scenes or get a large variety of angles. We also got to experiment with the glide track and jib for some shots, so I’m happy with how they progressed, as looking at the rushes it all seemed to come out okay and look different!

I feel that filming went well so far, as today (tuesday night) we’ve managed to get a lot finished and just wrapped the rest of the night scenes. Tomorrow we’re focusing on the montage shots and then external locations with the steadicam op on thursday, which i’m really looking forward to and hope the weather turns out well for, as those shots are crucial and we only have the op for one day meaning that the shots need doing either way. I feel there could have been some improvement so far, having only an allocated time for the dialogue means I can’t have used the glide track as much as I wanted, and the audio recording isn’t going great at the moment as the crew member is inexperienced and getting frustrated because of that.

I think these are things I can take on board for in the future if I want to work on larger projects, however I feel that overall the production is progressing better than I expected, it’s just a lot of effort and we’re all really tired.


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