361. FMP Shoot. Part 2

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Today was the final day of shooting The Brother Code, we’ve literally just wrapped about an hour ago and are currently having something to eat in the cabin. The plan is to drive back around 8pm, dump the equipment in my office at University around 2am, drop the actors off beforehand at 1am, then everyone go home around 2.30am. Something in that order.

We finished shooting the last scene at 5.54, which was ironically the last scene of the film on the beach. Ran back up the beach and got let out the carpark as the barriers were shutting, then went to the fish and chip shop. Today has been interesting as we’ve been doing all the exteriors and locations, whilst i’ve been shooting with my friend John Fry who is a brilliant Steadicam Op and helped as 2nd AC on the film. The weather today was sunny and blue, meaning we got some fabulous exterior shots for the film, and his steadicam rigged helped us a lot with getting the movement shots in the externals that I was after. It was a large help and I feel more confident now in productions in the future, as his rig/shots added some real depth to the film that is unachievable with statics, so I want to utilise more movement in the future!

We had a few minor problems today. Being out on location and lacking in Battery for the most part, however John had a lot of spares so that helped us out in all situations. Also if anything it was too bright so we had to use ND filters for the first time, and on the cliff top it was too windy for audio so we crowded around the mic to create a wind block. Despite this I have a good feeling that the shots came out looking fabulous as John and Sunil worked together to get some great shots, and the team gelled really well.

Yesterday we shot the montage in the morning, and then externals at the beach and cliffside for more montage and emotional scenes in the afternoon, including the guitar scenes and dialogue. They went relatively well, we had no problems yesterday aside from Tom and Ant getting lost in the car for awhile as they took a wrong turn so we lost a bit of time, but it was better shooting around Hope Cove as the scenery was different and we utilised it for several scenes.

I thought the montage went well in certain parts, and not as good in others, such as filming some of the exercise scenes took prep time to get the shots I visualised, and the audio was hard to capture. But others went well such as the lighting in the chess and painting scenes, so it all swings in roundabouts really. Overall I feel that the past two days, and the week on a whole has progressed really well. The team and crew have worked well together, especially working and sleeping and living in such a packed, tight environment, and the weather conditions couldn’t have been better. I’ve got a feeling the footage and audio will turn out alright, but only time will tell in the edit suite now.


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