364. Editor Portfolio Research

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.11.54

One of the things I’ve enjoyed working as professionally is an editor for separate companies around the UK on broadcast projects, and I considered working as a junior editor on a tv series one of the highlights. Taking that into account, it was an interesting experience and something I’d like to do again, so how can I cater my portfolio towards being an editor as well?

Well the first thing is creating a ‘reel’ that displays more of the editing style I do, and more of my own created ‘work’. I feel at the moment, the current showreel I have is very compact and doesn’t do a lot of ‘showing’, instead cramming a lot of stuff into the 1min time, so i’m hoping to have a longer showreel that breathes more edited by the hand-in. This is to give potential viewers the opportunity to experience more of my work and style, and show-off what I’m good at. I feel that to achieve this, I need to compile a list of the projects I’ve worked on and then start to pull them together. The current showreel is selective of only a few elements, low quality as well, so it doesn’t cover a full range of my work, so I would like to include more in there to demonstrate the range of talents I have, perhaps utilising a better backing track as well to ‘add’ to that element of breathing and letting it last just a little longer. Some advice and inspiration I’ve gotten from this is a colleague I’ve worked with before, Ricky, by looking at his site and his own details to get more of an idea how a professional editor works and displays their portfolio and borrowing tips/elements from that.





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