361. FMP. Graphic Design & EPK

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I’ve made contact with my graphic designer now, Steve Want of IWantCreative, who I’ve done film work before and he’s owed me a few occasional favours, so I’ve collected them all in to get him to make my EPK and promotional posters for free.

I’ve also sent him across the details to include in my EPK, all the press photos/BTS/VO shots from production to include, and sent across other graphics as well include my Inspir3 Films updated logo to include, the Florencesans font to write it all in, TBC logo/PSD files for the film and some examples of other press kits and how to put one together professionally (see below). I’ve also taken inspiration from the EPK below in how to lay my own one out, looking at the different categories/photos and the type of information I need to include in it so it is congruent with other press kits and provides the right amount of details to festivals for their own publicity and promotion, and also detailing them the right information they need to know about my own film.

One of the things I hope to get from this is some professional looking materials, so I’ve requested he takes inspiration from the RED VALENTINE EPK below, as that looks incredibly professional and has some quality pictures, so i’ve asked mine to be laid out in a similar format and use my best photos. I’ve also asked that the Florencesans font is used throughout as that is the standard ‘font’ for the film, both on the posters and on the EPK, so creating that level of consistency through the film graphics/credits/online design to make it look consistent.

example of Steve’s work

I’m excited for this as Steve has done some quality design work with his company in the past, and it feels like I’m raising the film another standard by hiring someone who is a paid professional in their area, understands exactly what I want after a few meetings, and can focus on getting it turned around for free whilst I work on other materials. I really hope it turns out okay, but i’ve got several weeks to request draft changes before submission anyway. If it all turns out okay then I’d like to work with him in the future, and perhaps see what else he can make for me, if other projects earn money then I could potentially hire him for more work, start by increasing my professional network now so i’ve got the resources in place to shoot other films. I think this has been a large part of increasing my professionality by expanding this network and getting both the knowledge and resources I can utilise in the future, whilst furthering the personal work I have at the moment.

Note. PDF above taken from CUMoodle, EPK borrowed from Clifton and copyrighted to the filmmakers.



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