364. Portfolio Research

I’ve been looking at other online website portfolios to get a clear idea of what the portfolio for an editor/camera op/multi-tool should have included. I get the feeling that my website is lacking a bit, not because I haven’t put things on it but because I just haven’t done the work yet to include into it, however I’ve picked out all the bits I CAN improve, and the rest of the skills/work should come in time as I do more jobs and become more of a professional.

The main website I’m looking at to improve my own portfolio is that of Phil Ebiner, who is a self-styled cinematographer/editor (similar to what I’m looking for) and has a plethora of content on his site. The main things I instantly take away from the site is the ease of use and the accessibility, the fact that everything is beautiful to look at and has it’s own clearly marked place, which all stands out and makes it look very categorised, professional and defined.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 14.26.36

I like the attention to detail that is clearly in each section, the little bits of advice and information about himself that stands out and creates a person out of the site, letting you know that this is someone real and giving you an insight into their life. I feel that the best bits of his website are the clearly laid out categories, and all the information sectioned away in different parts so there is always more to find out about him and his work.

  • He has separate pages for photography, which is another area he works in. I think this is helpful as it shows another useful skill that you may have, however doesn’t confuse it with all the video work and editing work. It also clearly shows a range of skills and flexibility for proving a wide range of content and working in lots of different scenarios.
  • His ‘reel’ is a lot more embellished with some detail about what is in it, the projects featured, ect. I think this is definitely helpful and something I can add to my own showreel by improving it and adding some more detail so people know exactly what they’re watching.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 14.32.00

  • There are also clear tabs for each separate piece of content he’s made, instead of unprofessionally sticking it all together and letting the viewer sift through stuff they may not be interested in. Currently I have no section on my own site which shows a range of work or ‘other stuff’ i’ve concentrated on, so I think this is definitely relevant and can be added to my own profile, with individual categories for pieces that stand out and allowing viewers to get a taste for the diversity in your skills and previous experience.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 14.29.43

Another site I’ve been looking at is that of Bryan Conner, who is a digital graphic designer, but has sections on there which are relevant to my own portfolio that can be borrowed. Clear categories at the top outline each page of the site, categories include resume, portfolio, services, none of these I have on my own site but I think might be helpful. A ‘resume’ section could be included with my ‘about’ page, and the portfolio linked in with separate categories for previous work/previous employers. ‘Services’ could come under a skills or experience page on my own website, similar to the picture below, which shows my equipment, software and technical abilities clearly on the portfolio. The picture on the right below is from the website of a DoP, and I feel I can borrow some aspects of his website categorisation to improve my own, as I don’t have a recent work section, nor credits, kit would come under a skills page perhaps, and my social media links are at the bottom of my portfolio. Another thing that stands out is he has clear images on each page to show off his site, whereas mine is very clean, boring and ‘white’, so maybe I could look at jazzing it up by putting my own style and professional photos on there to improve it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 14.36.05Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 14.38.32

After looking at the colourist reel below, I also feel there are areas I could improve my own showreel. I know it’s not a showreel module, however I still think that’s the most visual display of my own work/skill when you first come to the site, so I can add ‘more’ to it to impress potential viewers and make it stand out. I feel that the current showreel is more of a beatmatching exercise, not an exhibition of my skills as an editor or camera op, so I think that more can be added to it, and I can get rid of the backing track to something less paced or different to spice up the reel. At the moment it feels like my showreel is just a piece to music, not an exhibition of my own work, so I need to improve that and change it.









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