361. FMP. Budget Update


One of the things I originally focused on during the pre-production and 360MC was the budget for The Brother Code. Having never fully budgeted for a production before, or even self financing a project, I took a guestimate of about £2000 as a total cost for the production. After it’s all now finished and almost all of my finances are paid up, I’ve got a final figure of how much The Brother Code cost.

I originally estimated £2000, however the final cost was £1778.04 for the whole production, start to finish. This cost takes into account all of the props purchased, food, transport, location scouting, actor payments, ect. There are several things I didn’t originally factor into the budget, such as petrol, food costs, location fees, and I consider this a real oversight in retrospect, however I find it bizarre that even though I didn’t consider them my budget still came under estimate. One of the big things I didn’t factor was that both the food and petrol were extortionately more expensive than I originally considered, so money from others areas had to compensate for this. This is definitely something I can learn from in future productions, as I’ve now got all the details from TBC to take forward and benefit from, so I know exactly the kind of costs to expect and more exact details to cover in a budget.

Refer back to my original 360 posts about budgeting to see a comparison for what I originally considered in the budget and how ‘out of reach’ my first costings were.






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