364. Festival Work Pt1


Tomorrow I’ll be flying out to the Udine Far East Film Festival, around 1am in the morning I leave Cov and expect to arrive in Udine around 3pm, so a long journey. I’m primarily going to an international film festival for a few reasons

  1. To get more research work and find out information for my PPP, to interview guests whilst there and hopefully chat to a few directors or producers about their job, and talk to my regular friends there such as Fred and Davide/Nicola about their jobs, to find out more for PPP and how I can incorporate that information into my own portfolio and professional work as a film journalist/photographer/freelancer
  2. To interview a few of my 10 contacts and both find out about their careers but also get feedback on my portfolio, as some of my contacts also attend the festival
  3. To try distribute my FMP a bit by handing out cards/swapping cards and sending emails to people with the link, just so I can try get The Brother Code seen more.
  4. Find out more about film festivals and how distribution works, so I can utilise that advice for my own FMP. Hopefully want to talk to the festival director or other festival directors that are in attendance.
  5. To hopefully increase my professional network for PPP and get my portfolio seen by people to get work.
  6. Get more work experience here as a Journalist and freelancer by interviewing directors potentially, watching films and writing reviews then uploading them to a professional film site.

So why have I chosen an Italian Film Festival, in a foreign country, about foreign films, feature length, to attend and get more information?

Well I’ve attended this festival twice before in previous years, and found it to be a great experience that is different from other festivals in the UK where everyone is accommodating. It’s a festival for film fans, with no market and no focus on selling, purely on getting to meet the VIPs and watching films, so this will give me more help getting word of my FMP and personal PPP portfolio out to people. It’s also global, so press attend from all other, I meet people from the USA, NZ, HK, Asia, Russia, Canada, Japan, ect every year, so I can talk to different contacts and get a range of advice for my PPP, and also distribute my own portfolio out more to a global audience. And finally it’s a feature festival about foreign cinema, but the people here are global, so UK cinema to them is foreign and they are equally interested in UK films as I am in Asian, so getting them to watch my FMP or look at my showreel will be a great achievement and is more likely here than in the UK. Also a lot of the directors who attend also mentor young 1st time directors in HK and Japan, so I want to try and show my FMP to them and see if I can get feedback (or potentially see what happens).

I’m going to be working as an independent film Journalist whilst out there, I normally operate as a film maker/photographer however this time I’m reviewing/making contacts, reviewing films, interviewing VIPs for the professional film website Easternkicks.com so keep looking on there to see when my work goes online. Its great to do this as it’s like working as a professional writer for a website with a daily audience of thousands, so my work is being seen every day when posted online.

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Update 30/4. Added photos to show what I’ve done.



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