361. FMP. Director Viewing

This is just a quick post, as I’m still currently working.

I’m out in Italy at the moment at a film festival, doing research for both PPP and FMP and trying to get some contacts/interviews/answers/feedback/oranges whilst here. One of the things I’m doing whilst at the festival is using my press pass to privately interview a fair amount of the VIPs, and then trying to snare them in with my new business cards, refer to here, to get them to watch my short film.

One of the contacts i’ve traded business cards with is Pang Ho-Cheung and his production coordinator Veronica Bassetto, who work for Making Film Productions. Cheung is an award winning Director with his own company and was screening his latest big budget feature film at the festival, you can see the trailer below.


Business Card for the production coordinator, contact details hidden for obvious reasons…


I’ve met him twice before and he’s always been good to chat with, plus he helps out with a young filmmaker initiative ‘Fresh Wave’ in Hong Kong where he mentors and gives advice to new directors, so I’ve asked Pang to watch my FMP and emailed him the private youtube link for the finished cut to see what he thinks and if there’s any feedback (i’ll update this post if there is before next friday).

I feel that this kind of advice and help is the exact reason I’ve came to this film festival to help further both my FMP and the PPP, I’ve met a lot of great people whilst here and traded cards, discussed more about the film industry and how to get noticed, been given more advice and progressed further in the freelance work. Hopefully getting my film watched, and potentially some advice or feedback, from an award winning director (it doesn’t matter what country you are from as the language of film is universal) will be incredibly beneficial and I can utilise it to maybe tweak the edit before submission, or utilise that in future films to see what comes from it.

Who knows what’ll happen? At the moment, all i’m doing is giving business cards out to people and requesting they contact me, or I can contact them to watch my short, as that’s all I’m after. I don’t want a distribution deal or to get noticed, all I want is the film to get watched as I’ve got no pretences that ‘its going to get discovered or something’ at a film festival, more than likely it’ll get made for the FMP and sit on Vimeo doing nothing like every other student film before it, so if I can get a few people to watch it before then, then i’ll be happy enough. But maybe something might come from this, who knows.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.23.58


Update: I’ve also traded cards with Director Fruit Chan and his Executive Producer Winnie Tsang, in the hope that I can get either of them to watch my FMP also. Winnie works primarily with independents in HK, and Fruit mentors a lot of first time directors like Pang, so hopefully I can get something back from this. Still waiting on an email back from Pang.


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