364. Festival Work Pt2

I’m currently working at the Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy for EasternKicks.com as a film writer and press interviewer, working freelance here but getting more experience and insight into this style of freelance journalism work as a critic, which is something I wanted to research more for the PPP.


Today is currently the last day of the festival, and whilst here i’ve contacted a range of professionals and did a plethora of work, both giving out my own cards to get my FMP seen by more people, interviewing other professional critics/photographers/journalists/ect to get more information about their careers and how I can progress as a professional, talking to some of my 10 contacts to find out about their career paths and how I can learn from this, interviewing directors & producers and watching films/writing reviews to get more experience for the PPP. Hopefully from attending a globally recognised film festival and doing a range of work whilst here, I can improve both my FMP and PPP, learn a lot more from people who actually work in the careers I’m interested in and how to progress in those areas, and have fun whilst doing it and get more experience.

I’ve done 4 professional interviews whilst here for EasternKicks.com, 3 with Film Directors and 1 with a Film Producer/Distributor, helping improve my own experience working as an independent Journalist, putting myself around more as credible ‘press’ whilst here and adding more to my portfolio. I’ve also reviews a TON of films and put them online for work, and got feedback from some of the other critics here and thanks from the directors!

Interviewing Yosuke Fujita, my first professional interview

Interviewing Yosuke Fujita, my first professional interview

I’ve also interviewed other professionals whilst here, getting them to feedback on the questions i’ve asked my 10 contacts and improving the research more into my chosen careers by asking those who work in the areas, and also getting advice about working from other professionals and putting myself around more to get noticed and get work. This has been the most beneficial part, actually sitting down and talking with the professionals who work in those areas and interviewing them, the interviews can be found in my ‘Contacting Professionals’ posts.

I feel that travelling out to Udine has been incredibly beneficial, both for my PPP and FMP, as i’ve been able to market my FMP to more people including film directors and producers in an attempt to get them to watch it. I’ve also made lots of new professional contacts and got to talk with them more, finding out more information about my careers, and I’ve also got to watch a lot of films and interview VIPs whilst here to help further my own work experience and professionality as a Journalist. I think it’s true when they say that you only get stuff if you ‘go’ to places, yeah plenty of people on my course have sent emails out and such, but I’ve had 20-30min chats with over 10+ people in different careers and found out intimate details about how they got into their careers, and how I can apply that to mine, and they’ve given me startup advice as well (and in one case promises of more introductions to others and potential work in the future), so paying to come abroad and attend a professional event has been the most beneficial thing I’ve done during PPP, expanding not only my own knowledge, but also my network of contacts and the knowledge of myself other people have, and my work by distributing cards and copies of the FMP.

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