361. FMP. EPK Finished

I’ve finally received the finished version of my EPK, and I feel it looks very professional and summarises all the relevant details about The Brother Code. I feel that it’s been an interesting experience, as I got a graphic designer to create it for me, so finding that middle ground between what I send over and what he creates has been a learning experience of occasionally agreeing to his professional outtake and trying to balance what I want in there. Also the pictures, having to go through all the production stills and choosing the best ones I feel that epitomise the film, has been a hard experience as I needed to summarise the film in a few simple shots and couldn’t easily do that. I’ve also learnt a lot about the kind of information that is necessary to include through the research into other EPK’s, and including my own ‘style’ into it through the writing and detail partaken, so the reader gets a feel for the film through the written style of the EPK.

Overall I’m very pleased with how it looks and feel that sending it off to some festivals online is going to create a bit of feedback or get some notice, both because of the visual style and the short anecdotes and jokes throughout the EPK. I also feel it looks very professional and outsourcing this has helped me grow as a director/producer by getting more experience working with other media creatives, and also learning how to create a larger project by getting people with the relevant skills to do the work that I’m after, instead of doing it for a sub-par quality myself. I feel that if I had to improve the EPK, I may add more pictures, or instead would swap some of the text around, maybe even throw crew/actor bios into it, however that may be going too overboard and presumptuous for a short film.


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