361. FMP. Analysis

I feel that the 361 FMP module has been the most beneficial whilst being at University, as it’s provided the freedom (alongside 360) to learn about and explore what i’m most interested in about film.

This module has enabled me to research into the films I enjoy and discover more about the people behind them, the techniques that go into them, and then to utilise that as part of my own personal growth and incorporation into the work. I also feel that I’ve learnt more, by choosing to create a film, about the film making process and the work that goes into that through hiring actors, organising a budget, writing out contracts, spending several days shooting, ect. Every aspect of the FMP I’ve tried to conduct professionally and of an industry standard, so I’ve strived to do things in a way that I’d learn from and benefit in the future, and I feel this has been beneficial when you compare my other work at University (such as Cowboys Vs Zombies or Life of Crime) to that of The Brother Code, and I feel that the standard of the research and paperwork is much higher than before, and so is that of the production through paying out for professional actors/equipment/crew.

I feel that my learning and personal development throughout this module has been interesting, as I’ve researched from a variety of indie and professional sources, looking further into the background of big productions and smaller films and how they were created, and all of this has been more beneficial than sitting in lectures or reading power points, giving me the opportunity to look into and learn about subjects that directly appeal to me or things that I feel would be useful for the production. On the flip side of this, I feel that there may have been aspects I’ve unknowingly overlooked, so could have benefitted from more research or tutor discussions to iron out what I have and haven’t done, or came to a consensus on wider materials that I could have looked at.

I also feel that for the budget of the production, whilst substantial, I should have utilised a better location or a larger place, both for betting filming and so I could take more crew, as having a lack of people whilst on set wasn’t beneficial and hindered the production in aspects. Overall the production looks well and I feel that I researched into a wide range of sources, both to understand the context behind what I was making, but to also include new techniques into the film and ensure I was going the right way about making the production. One of the aspects I feel let down on is the distribution of short film productions, as It’s proved hard to find out more about this online so I had to resort to asking my contacts at festivals, ect. I wish this was something we were taught more about on the course, as everyone just says “submit to festivals” but nobody understands or teaches about the process and when you start it actually turns out to be a lot lengthier, expensive and harder than expected.

Overall I feel that the amount of work and research I’ve done for the FMP has been beneficial, and I’ve learnt a lot more through self exploration than I would have by being in lectures. I’m happy with the end product and everything I’ve done to get there, there are things that could have been improved on but overall I am satisfied with how my work on the FMP has progressed and developed.



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