361. FMP. Conclusion


In conclusion for 361, I feel it’s been an interesting module where I’ve had the freedom and expression to develop where I was interested, and create something that I feel reflects my own skills well that have developed whilst at University.

Some of the highlights of the module include getting well known stars to act on my FMP, professional contacts to do steadicam, music and graphics work, and getting the film seen by other film directors who are interested in my work. I feel that I’ve branched out more and learnt a lot in my research, and the development of my FMP has been more productive than it would have if I had lectures to constantly focus upon. But the other side of this is that I feel I could have got Clifton or Karen to discuss more on my FMP or give feedback, so I could have developed it better.

My skills have grown more through the module, learning more about coordinating actors and acting as a producer by getting paperwork and organisation sorted, running a crew and organising filming for a whole week. All of this is stuff that I can use in the future and will contribute to work outside of Uni or any other productions I want to create afterwards. The process of getting a composer, graphic designer and steadicam op to work on the production has been helpful as I feel it has raised the quality of the work, ensuring that this is the best thing I’ve made out of University.

Looking back 3 years ago when I started ‘planning’ my FMP by saving up money and considering ideas to film, the current product is nowhere near what I wanted to do, as indeed I only wrote the script a few months ago, however I’m very happy with the idea I’ve produced. My original idea of a documentary has been put on the sidelines and I’m going to develop this externally, but overall I feel that my FMP summarises everything about me and everything I’ve done whilst at University.


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