364. Analysis

Looking back on the work for the 364 module, I feel that I have put a lot of time and effort into research both the background of the careers I’m interested in (as it’s not just one), but also the kind of portfolio I may need for each one. I also feel that I’ve put a lot of effort into my new portfolio/website to make it appealable and include elements for each of these aspects. Such as wanting to work more as a hobby photographer, so I’ve included my flickr link and a photography page, or as a freelance journalist so I’ve briefly talked about it in my about sections and included a link to the pages where I write for, and the over-reaching camera-op/editor job where i’ve included my previous written experience and visual examples.

Taking that all into account, perhaps i could have tried harder or included more for this module, one of the downsides being sacrificing greater detail in each area for getting an overview and some grounding details in a variety of careers/areas I’m interested in. Maybe I could have contacted more professionals in each area, getting a variety of feedback from professionals in each category (editor/journalist/ect) so I could compare their background and advice, and how I could have benefitted from each one and the information they would have partaken, but then the flip side to this is that I contacted a lot of individuals I know and only a handful replied to me, some also replied saying that they didn’t want to answer the questions or it was impolite to ask, so these answers I thanked for their time, but overall I’ve learnt that some people don’t mind discussing their work and experience whilst others feel it is rude or prying, so I’ve had to be careful when getting wider research into portfolios and the background of a professional’s experience. I also feel that attending events down in London and travelling out to Italy for work was incredibly beneficial as I’ve met a lot of professionals and discussed with them about their work, which has added to my own portfolio and knowledge, and research into my chosen careers whilst giving an insight into how to get onto that path.

At times I feel like I haven’t done enough for this module as it’s been self-taught mostly, and we’ve had to go out and find all the information for ourselves and discover what we wanted, so perhaps I could have done with more direction in the beginning by sitting with my tutor and discussing the aims of the module and where I wanted to take it or see myself. Without this direction however, I feel that I’ve done an admirable job in approaching professional contacts and getting feedback from people I never expected replies off. I definitely feel that my knowledge of the career choices I’m interested in has grown, and that this has benefitted my portfolio improvement greatly as I built the website up from their feedback and the research I did into other portfolios.

Overall, I feel that my work on this module has been a good attempt, and whilst I could have approached aspects differently or maybe had more of a concrete focus at times, the outcome has been the same either way and the plethora of research and knowledge gained from this is the aspect that means the most, so whilst the journey could have done with improvement the destination was good. I feel that my portfolio reflects well all my past work and acts well as a professional visual platform for myself, and that it will be helpful after University when finding work.


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