364. Conclusion

In conclusion for 364, I feel it’s been an interesting module that could have benefited from more personal guidance by sessions with my tutor, but that ‘lack’ of focus has allowed me to explore areas I didn’t consider in October, such as branching out freelance in Journalism (and then pursuing that to travel abroad, interview professionals about their careers, and then get my portfolio banded around to professionals and my FMP seen by film directors) or attempting to do more filming work alongside the module to improve my own knowledge and experience so I grow technically alongside knowledgeably.

I also feel that I’ve branched out more as a professional individual during this module, increasing my online digital reach through platforms such as LinkedIn/FB/Twitter and making regular contact with others in my circle, but also getting my website seen by unknowns, approaching jobs and applying for them throughout the module, having the confidence to put work online and take myself seriously, and stepping away from that title of ‘student’ as I’ve not really considered myself one since I got back from filming my FMP. I feel that my portfolio is beneficial and covers all the aspects that I want to portray myself as; working as a camera operator and editor, a photographer and a freelance journalist. It could perhaps benefit from having more visual work on there, but there isn’t currently much online I’m happy with showing or that is under embargo for other employees who I’ve created content for, so there is a downside to progressing as an individual because the scope of work you can show becomes less.

Overall, I feel that the module has been a lot more beneficial than professional experience in the 2nd year, or the FMP this year, as it’s given me the ability to go out and learn in places I’ve wanted to, to expand where I felt that it was crucial, and to develop in ways that I feel benefitted me the most. It’s allowed me to cut the faff out and focus on the bits that matter and will be relevant, directly targeting my aims and growth more as a ‘media professional’, which will be crucial to carry on developing and become beneficial after University.


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